Ai for Industrial Vision Inspection

Our fast and high precision inspection platform will help you scale production, improve quality and lower costs.


Surface Inspection

Inspect surfaces for dents, pits, lumps, cracks & contaminations.

Gauging & Measuring

Dimensions and profiling of components


Read text and labels in multiple languages and fonts.

Pattern Recognition

Detects parts and verifies orientation.

Colour Matching

Color spectrum analysis and template matching

Fast, Reliable, High Precision Automated Vision Inspection Solutions

We provide end to end inspection automation solutions

Image Acquisition and Illumination

Modular camera systems that come with flexible optical configuration and an easy calibration process. We also provide various combinations of external and integrated lighting options designed specific to your application, including bar, dome, spot light and ring light.

Machine Learning Inspection Software

An end to end machine learning pipeline designed to seamlessly automate the entire inspection workflow: collect data, train, evaluate and deploy the model on the edge device.


Plug and Play features to custom build your inspection dashboard. Get access to visualization and book-keeping tools to verify and analyze quality parameters.


We offer multiple interfaces to integrate to our vision system including PLC , HMI, Robotic arms and actuators.

Vision Automation is Easy with

Fair Pricing

The best prices without any compromise on quality. We ensure low setup costs and low operational costs using our ML enabled camera solutions.

Easy Installation & Setup

From hardware to visualization tools, we are focused on ease of use.

Reduce Cost & Wastage

We help you reduce cost and wastage with less downtime , increased speed and error correction.

Production-Line Automation

We aim for you to fast track the production process with quality.

We Are Your Partners for Vision Automation and Beyond