We Enable World Class Production with the Power of AI Vision

Who We Are

About Us

Over the past decade, manufacturing has been changing, with a renewed focus on automation and quality control. This trend has been accelerated especially by covid impact and international competition in quality. Factoryfloor.io is contributing to this evolution in manufacturing by building products and platforms that we think will transform manufacturing and make small players compete with the best in the world.

Our Core Values

Customer focus

We are your trusted partners for vision tasks with tailored solutions.

Simple User Experience

Built for process and quality operators, no technical computer vision or ML experience required.

Short time to deliver

Customers should be able to deploy our solution in weeks as opposed to months typical of vision AI systems.

Our Customers


We can retrofit our inspection automation system to seamlessly integrate to your production line….

Machine Builders

We offer plug and play modular inspection systems optimized to integrate and interface with your machines…

System Integrators

We offer many components that can be assembled into another system products including camera…

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